Thinking through Text: Designing Instruction That Leads to Understanding

with Stevi Quate and Wendy Windust

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Stevi Quate

Wendy Windust


Essential Question: How can I teach for understanding?


Big Idea: The thinking strategies can be incorporated into your instruction; they are not an add on, but they ensure that students can understand your content.

By the end of the two days, participants will:

  • Understand one thinking (comprehension) strategy well enough that you can explain, model, and apply the strategy to your teaching

  • Understand how the before/during/after model supports and deepens students’ understanding of important ideas

  • Know instructional moves for supporting students’ thinking while reading (annotating text, using sticky notes, graphic organizers, modeling through think-alouds, anchor charts)

Saturday, April 16


Review of thinking (comprehension) strategies

Before, During, After Framework

Workshop: Activating Schema (background knowledge) and Making Connections

Workshop: Determining Importance and Asking Questions

Sunday, April 17

Workshop: Visualization and Inferring

Question and Answer

Instructional Planning

Our Power Point for the Two Days